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This podcast is meant for anyone who wants to develop a finely honed bullshit meter, especially when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and health. You are not too smart to fall for bullshit! Being smart, in itself, is no hindrance to being duped. You have to use those smarts of yours to develop the critical thinking skills needed to recognize and avoid BS! Thinking you are too smart to be taken in, more than likely, will make you easier to fool.

The show is not about correcting misinformation as much as it is about finding ways to stop misinformation before it can take root in your mind. However, I will definitely be correcting a whole lot of misinformation on fitness, nutrition, health, and even our food supply.

Once spread and accepted, misinformation has such persistence that countering it can, at times, seem hopeless. But you can learn to spot it in an instant, almost automatically! And, the skills you learn can be adapted to almost any domain, even those you know little about.

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I have not started paid subscriptions yet but they will be launched soon. While this podcast is The BS Vaccine for Fitness & Nutrition, the free episodes are different than the paid ones will be. The paid premium episodes will be presented in an organized book-like format and will drill-down into critical and scientific thinking about fitness in ways you may have never encountered. While the free episodes are packed full of useful information and sprinkled with lessons on critical thinking, they are based on whatever I want to talk about that day, while the premium episodes will represent the real, much stronger, inoculation against BS.

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Avid thinker abouter and doer of strength and muscle building type things. Researcher, writer, and owner of CulinaryLore.com and StrengthMinded.com.